Reasons to Choose The Training Clinic

Because we’re the best…seriously! We’ve been around for over 35 years for a reason.

First, we have a phenomenal product. Our brand of train the trainer workshops and certifications have pragmatic content that has been crafted with solid instructional design methods and is trained by our staff of certified master facilitators. Need more? See below:

Just-in-Time Training: Each of our workshops , from our one day sessions to our five day certification programs, cover just those skills you need at this moment in your professional development. You won’t sit through or pay for 3, 4, 5 days or more of content that you don’t need now, or maybe ever.

Practical Content: You’ll recognize and identify with the issues raised because they are the same concerns you are coping with each working day. Your workshop instructor is an active training/HRD consultant who will share with you real world experiences. We focus on practical application, not theory. You will work on your organization’s real issues and develop action plans and materials to use on the job the very next day. We believe in maximizing what you can immediately transfer back to the job, or it’s not worth taking you off the job for training.

Virtual and Classroom Delivery: We do it all! Although not everything transfers to on-line. We’d be happy to explain!

Customization: While some of our competitors are just now starting to offer free customization for in-house workshops – we’ve been doing it from day one! We customize both the content AND the learner materials as part of our daily rate, nothing extra.

Constantly Updated Content: Our workshops are revised regularly with input from past participants, instructors and research into state-of-the-art materials to make sure the content is current, reliable and fresh.

Involving and Challenging Materials: Each workshop is designed using the latest learning techniques and then analyzed in 15-minute segments (using a Training Clinic copyrighted, exclusive technique) to select the best method to communicate the content. We hold your interest through effective use of lecturettes, discussions, case studies, inventories, audiovisuals, role plays, self assessments, checklists, planning tools and more. Lectures are kept to a minimum.

Master Practitioner Instructors: Each of our instructors is an active training/HRD consultant with 15-30 years of directly related experience in the subjects they are teaching. Daily they advise and solve problems for their clients in business and government. They are not captive employees who simply repeat the same content day after day. They are active practitioners working in the real world and mastering today’s training problems. You’ll learn from their real world examples, advice and answers. Importantly, our instructors model that they teach and train through demonstration of each technique rather than by lecturing about it.

Value Pricing: Why pay more for similar training? Stretch your training dollars.

Experience: The training Clinic is celebrating almost 40 years as a leader in the train-the-trainer field. Share the experiences of hundreds of thousands of people who have improved their skills by attending a Training Clinic workshop.