We offer several certification programs that we can deliver to a group of your employees either virtually or on site at your organization.

There is lots of competition out there for certifications so here’s why a Training Clinic Certification is the one for you:

  1. Our certification programs map to the professional competencies defined by ASTD and ibstipi. We regularly provide input to these two organizations regarding industry competencies.
  2. Our certification programs require a performance component. A project demonstrating the skills and knowledge required for competency must be submitted, reviewed, and passed. We provide coaching and feedback at every step and never leave you hanging.
  3. The Training Clinic has been a stronghold in the industry for over 35 years. A certification from us carries a great deal of weight in the learning and development field.
  4. Our certifications do not have to be renewed and are good for your lifetime! We keep you updated on trends and new research though newsletters, blogs, conferences and webcasts. We are also available for one on one consulting/coaching by appointment.

To the left is a list of our certification offerings. For a free, no-obligation proposal, click HERE or contact Maria at maria@thetrainingclinic.com or 800-937-4698.