Effective On the Job Training

One-day Workshop

Crossing your fingers and living on the edge when it comes to your organization's OJT efforts?

Then take control and ensure its success! Improve your employees' effectiveness through our proven OJT approach!

This practical and useful workshop is specially designed for trainers and subject matter experts who deliver on the job training.

  • Identify easy and effective ways to prepare for and begin on-the-job training
  • Use feedback on your natural training style to improve your teaching approach
  • Use adult learning techniques to improve retention and reduce learner resistance
  • Practice ways to get good responses during training in an OJT setting that uses SOPs or other training documentation
  • Structure demonstrations with skill practice to minimize risk and maximize retention
  • Identify how much practice is needed to learn a new skill
  • Coach and correct errors effectively

After this workshop you'll be ready to "up your OJT game" with tools and techniques that can increase retention and maximize employee performance.

Workshop Content:

  • Introductions
  • Review workshop content and objectives
  • Set personal objectives for this session

Unit 1: Help Adults Learn

  • Teach a five-minute lesson to a partner
  • Evaluate ten aspects of your instructional style
  • Use twenty adult learning concepts to enhance learning
  • Relate your training style to adult learners by using five adult learning steps
  • How to build retention
  • Identify three styles of learning
  • Identify questions to process learning through five adult learning steps

Unit 2: Training Methods to Facilitate OJT Learning

  • Get ready for OJT
  • Begin an OJT session well
  • Use basic questions to increase participation and ‘discovery’ learning
  • Use four steps for OJT training: effective demonstrations with skill practice
  • Identify how much practice is needed
  • Give effective feedback to learners for improved performance
  • Address special concerns for teaching with ‘live’ equipment

Unit 3: Participant Practice

  • Practice teaching a portion of an OJT session in small groups and receive feedback from peers and the instructor.

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