Performance Consulting Skills for Trainers

One-day Workshop

Feel like you’re training for training’s sake but don’t want to appear unsupportive? Learn how to uncover the true performance needs of your organization and how to partner with management to achieve results.

  • Determine how successful performance consultants operate.
  • Identify who the real client is in any project.
  • Assess multiple roles of the performance consultant and identify when to use each.
  • Learn how to use an eight step consulting process to identify and address performance issues.
  • Build a performance consulting plan and gain management's agreement.
  • Plan how you will contract with your client
  • Market performance consulting services to prospective clients within your organization.

After this workshop you will be equipped with practical and useful tools to be a true partner with management in achieving the desired performance goals for the organization.

Workshop Content:

  • Review workshop content and objectives
  • Inventory your skills
  • Set personal objectives for this session

Unit 1: Performance Consultant's Role

  • Determine where you are in the life-cycle of a training department
  • Describe what performance consulting is
  • Determine benefits of performance consulting
  • Review a consulting continuum, enhanced roles for the trainer
  • Complete a performance consulting skills inventory
  • Compare trainer vs. consultant vs. change agen

Unit 2: Performance Consulting Process

  • Identify changes to anticipate with the transition
  • Transition to Performance Consulting
  • Define the eight-step consulting process
  • Describe how to contract for results

Unit 3: Diagnosing Performance Problems

  • Sort training and non-training issues with performance analysis
  • Review other barriers impacting performance
  • Conduct goal analysis
  • Develop a performance plan: overview and example
  • Use a performance plan checklist

Unit 4: Building Partnerships with Line Management

  • Build credibility and increase your influence
  • Check your influencing style, Consulting Incidents Inventory
  • Identify how to be responsive to the organization's needs
  • Develop partnerships with line managers
  • Determine steps to increase leverage with others

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