Survival Skills for New Trainers

One-day Workshop

Just got a job in learning and development and not sure where to start? Go no further! This workshop is designed for those who have made the transition into training. Join us and identify which of your skills are transferrable, and learn some new techniques to boost your confidence and your presence in the learning environment.

  • Learn basic do's and don'ts for new trainers
  • Discover how to set a low-risk, productive learning environment
  • Ask powerful questions to involve learners in their own learning
  • Deliver effective and useful feedback to learners
  • Use five steps of adult learning to facilitate any activity
  • Choose the right approach for “touchy” classroom situations
  • Pace methods to improve learner retention and reduce difficult classroom behavior

After this practical and useful workshop, you’ll have the confidence to increase your presence and control in the learning environment. Welcome to L&D!

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Welcome and Workshop Overview

  • Inventory your skills
  • Set personal objectives

Unit 2: Self Image of a Trainer

  • The ideal trainer
  • What should I do?
  • Build confidence
  • Do's and don'ts for new trainers
  • Learning points

Unit 3: Relating to the Learner

  • Basic questions
  • Active listening
  • Use of paraphrase
  • 5 feedback criteria
  • Build learner self esteem
  • Focus on learner behavior
  • Steps of adult learning

Unit 4: Classroom Assertion Skills

  • Define assertive, nonassertive, aggressive
  • Inventory your style
  • 4 assertiveness skills
  • Problem learner strategies
  • Maintain control through teaching techniques
  • Pacing solution for problem learners

Unit 5: Action Plan and Resources

  • Action plan for your development

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